Medical imaging equipment precision tomography energy spectrum 15.6 inch LCD screen touch screen solution

Application: Medical imaging equipment precision tomography energy spectrum CT

Industry: Medical imaging

The precision tomography energy spectrum CT medical image processing system has advanced processing functions such as three-dimensional processing, energy spectrum analysis and AI intelligent analysis. Ultra-thin layer 0.275mm scanning, precision CT images can clearly show the fine structures in the human body, such as the inner ear, lung nodules, etc. The comprehensive 32-layer energy spectrum platform enables hospitals at all levels to enjoy the advanced functions of ultra-high-end CT, and energy spectrum has rich clinical value in stone composition analysis, gout examination and tumor examination. Precise low dose care, industry ultra-low 60kV scanning; Megapixel high clearing method; P-IR advanced two-domain iterative reconstruction.

Customer’s LCD screen selection requirements: The customer wants to find a 15.6-inch LCD screen, LVDS interface, 1920*1080, wide temperature, and narrow border capacitor control, and recommends the frame stick and good cost-effective…

We recommend the solution: G156HCE-L01(Innolux 15.6 inch)+XH156135A

The G156HCE-L01 has a resolution of 1920(RGB)×1080 [FHD] 141PPI, a brightness of 450 cd/m² (Typ.), and a contrast of 800: 1, viewing Angle 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10), working temperature: -30 ~ 85 °C, signal system LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit), terminals, 40 pins, backlight type WLED, 50K hours, including LED driver, response speed 13/12 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms, G156HCE-L01 is suitable for industrial applications.

Xh156135a15.6-inch capacitive touch control Technical parameters:

1. COVER LENS is chemically strengthened glass;

2, FPC interface cable is USB interface; 4PIN seat -USB port

3, PCB board IC(ILI2511), touch channel :RX38*TX22;

4, the surface hardness is 6H;

5, light transmittance of more than 87%;

6. Tolerance of ±0.2mm is not indicated

8, products in line with RoHS standards

9, working temperature: -40~85°C