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“Welcome to TouchFusion Automation Co., ltd. A leading OEM/ODM supplier of high-quality HMI touch panels and membrane keys for the automation industry.

With over 10 years of experience and expertise in the field, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Through years of precipitation and accumulation, We offer a wide range of products, including customizable touch screen panels displays and membrane film keypads that are designed to meet the specific needs of each client. Dealing famous brands such as FUJI Siemens Mitsubishi   Pro-face ABB HAKKO WEINVIEW  Fanuc HITECH  other well-known brands.

90% of the product models are in stock to save your time . We not just offer components ,also offer solutions ,u can feel free ask hard to find or customized cooperation.

Our comprehensive product range can be found in many market sectors including industrial automation maintenance, automation production line, electrical repair, mechanical engineering, measurement and control technology, medical technology etc.

whether you’re looking for reliable HMI touch panels or membrane keypads etc. needs, you can count on us to provide the highest quality products and services.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your automation processes to the next level.

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[ld_testimonial style=”testi_s04″ avatar_size=”testimonial-avatar-sm” details_size=”testimonial-details-sm” title=”Carwyn” position=”UK” avatar=”620″ title_color=”rgb(31, 30, 147)” pos_color=”rgb(0, 0, 0)”]What I admire most about Touchfusion is their attention to detail, each of them seems to strive for perfection. I have visited Touchfusion quite few times, they are very busy and business is very good, every time I go to China, I love to visit them company. The most important thing for me is quality. Whether it is my own products or the products they produce for other customers, the quality needs to be good, so as to reflect the strength of this company. So I have to go to their production line every time to see the quality of the products they produce, and I am very happy that after many years, their quality is still so good, and for different markets, their quality control also follows the market changes.[/ld_testimonial]
[ld_testimonial style=”testi_s04″ avatar_size=”testimonial-avatar-sm” title=”Ramin” position=”Iran” avatar=”621″]Communication is the biggest problem in international trade, and every time I was very careful to make sure that all the details were in place. In the four years of cooperation with Touchfusion, the only major accident we had was the inconsistency of our product logo due to communication problems. The atmosphere was tense, we were all angry, and none of us wanted that kind of problem. In the end, Touchfusion took responsibility and we agreed to take responsibility half and half.

Although we will have disputes, Touchfusion can control emotions and take the initiative to pay the compensation, which makes me trust their character. Later, we strengthened the communication exchanges, and the cooperation became more and more proficient, and now we are strategic partners.[/ld_testimonial]

[ld_testimonial style=”testi_s04″ avatar_size=”testimonial-avatar-sm” title=”Sandra Cardozo” position=”Colombia” avatar=”622″]At the time of working with Touchfusion, I was just starting my import business. My friend told me to find suppliers on Alibaba, but everything seems not so simple. I started with a vendor on Alibaba, the price was very attractive, and I ended up with a bunch of junk. After cooperating with Touchfusion, Mia gave me a lot of useful advice, and what I appreciate most is the company’s patience with customers. I remember that once, due to my problems, the bill of lading went wrong, and I could not clear the customs, and tens of thousands of dollars of goods were detained in the customs. This loss was really unbearable for my newly established company, and I was very anxious at that time. Constantly blaming Mia for not handling it well, and complaining that i would never work with Touchfusion again.

Mia was very tolerant of my bad temper and never criticized me. Then he kept in touch with the freight forwarder and had better help me deliver the goods before the customs deadline. I felt ashamed and sorry to him. Touchfusion always emphasizes dealing with problems as soon as they arise, and then calculating who is right and who is wrong after the problems are solved. Now we have been cooperating for two years, and my company is developing well. I would like to thank have such a supplierk like Touchfusion .[/ld_testimonial]