Beijer touch screen black screen maintenance failure causes and troubleshooting steps:

Beijer touch screen black screen maintenance failure causes and troubleshooting steps:

1. Check whether the power supply of the host works properly.

Check whether the power indicator on the panel of the host chassis is on and the fan is rotating to determine whether the host system is powered on. Secondly, the multimeter is used to check whether the external voltage meets the requirements. If the voltage is too high or too low, the host power supply may automatically shut down.

In addition, it is important to check the quality of the power switch and reset key and the correct connection between them and the motherboard, because many inferior cases of the power switch and reset key tend to be damaged after repeated use, resulting in Kunlun on-state touchscreen black screen display. If the power supply is damaged, replace it.

X2 BASE 10-F2 ADP North touch screen maintenance common faults

1, whether the wrong calibration;

The calibration of resistive touch screens requires the correction to be cleared in the driver before accurate linear Settings of 9 or 25 points can be performed. At the same time, note that after the calibration setting is completed, the eye must be perpendicular to the calibration point on the screen, and then click the center point with the stylus; Generally, capacitive screens do not need to be calibrated. First, check whether the connection between the touch screen cable and the touch control board is loose, and reconnect it correctly after power failure. If you need to calibrate manually, open the options in the control panel, click Calibrate, and calibrate according to the on-screen prompts;

2, the display resolution is not calibrated after the change;

Recalibrate with new resolution;

3, whether the current trackpad has electromagnetic interference from other high-frequency equipment;

Replace the connection cable between the touchpad and the motherboard (you can choose the cable body with a magnetic ring, pay attention to the correct direction and position of the cable), or move the touchpad to a place with less interference before the test.

4, touch screen or touch control panel may be damaged or abnormal;

Replace the touch screen or touch control panel before testing.


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