Fanuc operation panel part of the key failure analysis.

Possible reasons for the partial failure of the button on the operation panel:

1, it may be because the humidity of the use environment is large, causing the key contact to be damp.
2, the key failure may be poor contact, or the computer board is damaged.
3, the key failure may also be the circuit board failure.
4, it is recommended to contact maintenance personnel for maintenance. Fanuke CNC panel key failure is mainly divided into two types,
one is all the keys do not respond, the other is part of the key failure,
the two cases of the fault point is generally in the following three aspects, press the key board, link cable, motherboard,
of which the motherboard is more likely to be some, now some customers will also prepare some spare parts, if there is a fault, first replace yourself, determine the problem point, In the outgoing maintenance,
so that it will not be pit, if the customer is interested, you can focus on replacing the above three aspects according to the way we give, to determine the fault point, if the motherboard is bad then the charge will be much more expensive, the motherboard repair up but very technical.


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