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HMI Touchscreen Panel Solutions

HMI Touchscreen Panel

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General Hot Selling Products HMI Touchscreen Panel to Match Your Specific Requirements

Touchfusion offers a wide array of high-quality and affordable resistive hmi touchscreen panels: Variety brands , complete models, manufacture direct sale and all products enjoy one year warranty.

HMI Touchscreen Panel Custom Process


1. Communication

Contact with us through online or by mail and telephone, talk about the content you need to customized.

2. Design

Provide samples or drawings, our engineers design for you

3. Proofing

Confirm sheet making

4. Confirmation

The board proofing is completed ans sent to the customer and sample try

5. Production

Confirm the order information, pay the fee, go into bulk production

6. Delivery

We pack and deliver the goods, customers sign for it.

Why Choose Touchfusion HMI Touchscreen Panel

Partner You Can Reply On

Why More Than 550+Clients Over the World Love Collaboration with us?

Over 10 years experience

Over 10 years experience in Hmi Solutions ,our engineer can quickly and professional get your point.

Variety Size resistive touchpanel customised

Includes 4, 5 and 8 wire options. The 4-wire mechanical touch screen fits most standard size . For larger interface, we recommend the 8-wire resistive touch screen

Small Moq also support, and with manufacture price

help you compete in the market. You will get various types and large stocks from our warehouse with short leadtime

Material Comparation

Touchfusion ultra-precise resistive touch screen panels make it easy for customers to deal with their worries in industrial automation and complex industrial environments

Touch more sensitive

3.1 upgrade Version

3.0 ordinary version


3.1 upgrade Version

3.0 ordinary version

Strong flexibility

3.1 upgrade Version

3.0 ordinary version

Touchfusion Solution for Any Needs

HMI Touchscreen Panel Application

Suitable for HMI touch industrial, industrial control, medical equipment, military, industrial iPad, cashier equipment, ATM, Railway monitor system, visual intercom query equipment etc.

Various Brands to Select From

Touchfusion has a powerful human-machine interface accessories supply management system, and deep cooperation with Siemens, Schneider, Fagor, koyo, 3M, ABB, Sharp Elo and other major global manufacturers, can provide customers with stable and timely inventory at any time.

Repair Service

We Refined touch screen faults:Black screen, white screen, blue or dark screen; The touch screen freezes/fails/ broken, the content is garbled, or the system cannot be entered, No backlight or backlight is dark, the keypad buttons can't touch etc .

1. Analyze and determine repairability based on customer's fault description

2. Customer delivery it to our company for inspection

3. Engineers will specifically detect the fault point, analyze the cause and give suggestions.

4. Provide repair quotation and required time

5. Ask customers for their opinions, if they agree then repair, if disagree then return.

6. Engineer troubleshooting, repair ok, and test it.

7. Delivered to customers and provided with quality tracking services

8. About delivery fee: Overseas customers need to pay send and back shipping fee and customs duties

Things to Consider When Choosing Hmi Resistive Touchscreen

Hmi Resistive Touchscreens have strong anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities. Features such as high durability and low failure rate etc,so is widely used in the field of industrial automation and complex industrial sites. For that choosing a suitable resistive screen is extremely important to us

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