Industrial HMI Touchpanel Application

In practical applications, industrial computer touch screen integration technology has been widely used in various fields. In the field of industrial control, it is used in automated production lines, robot control and other scenarios to improve production efficiency and product quality. In the field of smart home, it is used in smart home systems, smart home appliances and other products to achieve human-computer interaction and information display. In addition, in the medical, financial and other fields, industrial computer touch screen integration technology also plays an important role.

As people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, smart home displays are slowly entering people’s living homes

Its function is as follows: When the scene control opinion operation reaches the preset mode, it can integrate all the equipment in the home, including film and television, home appliances, curtains, lights, gardens, garages, etc., to achieve intelligent control opinion completion. Generally installed living room entrance position, or bedside position. Application technology of smart home touch LCD screen: At present, it is mainly capacitive touch screen, which detects coordinates by sensing human static electricity, and can realize multi-touch.