Maintenance industry

For example, the black screen is not displayed when the customer Siemens touch screen is powered on

Fault cause analysis: In this case, first determine whether the screen line is powered on, check whether the screen power light and the display are on, if not
Perform a replacement attempt to troubleshoot the power cord problem.
If there is no problem with the power cord and the display is normally lit up, then there may be a problem with the power supply, and then continue to deeply detect the hardware on the host to see if the hardware is in poor contact or the component is broken, it can also be
Clean the dust of each part of the machine, and then remove whether the hardware is loose

Siemens touch screen boot black screen does not show the second solution:
1. When you turn on the computer, no image appears after a few minutes. At this time, you should first see if the power indicator on the display panel is bright. If it is not on, check whether the power plug of the monitor is properly connected.
The source line is plugged in well (to ensure that the power socket has electricity, you can change a jack to try), and the power switch is on, but the indicator light is not bright, which indicates that the internal circuit of the display is faulty
The door repair department repairs it.
2, if the power indicator of the monitor is on, you should restart the computer at this time, and pay attention to whether the indicator light of the host is shining, and whether there is a “beep” sound in the host. If yes, the computer has started normally.
Check whether the signal line connection between the display and the host is normal, whether the 15-pin D-shaped plug connected to the host is loose, and whether the pin in the plug is broken, crooked, short, etc. If the connection is normal, it indicates inside the monitor
The barrier should be repaired

Siemens touch screen troubleshooting ideas
1, Siemens touch screen touch failure
Siemens MP277 touch no response maintenance, is generally caused by the LCD display and the glass corresponding to the button and other position offset, there are also touch glass aging caused, the former can be provided according to the human-machine interface manufacturers
The “heart point” function can be re-calibrated, the latter needs to replace the touch glass, and some are caused by poor contact, cleaning can solve the problem;
2. Communication failure of Siemens touch screen
The communication program of the lower computer is not set correctly, the address of the human-machine interface system is not correct, the communication port is burned, the communication line is short or not connected to the right, and the contact is poor.
3, Siemens touch screen touch glass failure broken, occasionally may also occur inside the resistance and other devices fracture, this failure only change the touch glass, because the various manufacturers when the production standard is different, so often there is a “mold” when the replacement
Once the mold is opened, then the touch screen maintenance is a very simple matter, that is, the replacement.
4, the LCD of the Siemens touch screen display is not displayed or the display is abnormal
This has the damage caused by external factors similar to the touch glass, but not too much, mostly caused by the aging of the liquid crystal, but also by replacement, there are also different manufacturers of different specifications of the liquid crystal is not the same problem
Because the LCD driver is damaged, this kind of problem needs to deal with the circuit board.
5, Siemens touch screen circuit board failure
This kind of problem is more difficult, the need for touch screen maintenance personnel to master a certain circuit principle, have a certain hands-on ability, but also have a certain amount of experience, touch screen is a highly integrated chip such as DSP to do
Heart, maintenance needs to check the circuit diagram provided by the chip manufacturer, generally crystal vibration, peripheral IC and other faults.