Engineering machinery industry

1. Industry background

Engineering machinery industry in general, the working environment is harsh, often to work in the open air and strong light irradiation, dust, oil is a lot, so this kind of machinery and equipment has a strong impact resistance, anti-vibration ability. In addition, there are some equipment that need to have high reliability, such as cranes, otherwise it will cause casualties.

2. Reasons for using K-TP178micro for construction machinery

(1) Engineering machinery and equipment generally work in the field, the workplace environment is harsh, the first requirement is that all components should have strong impact resistance and vibration resistance, KTP-178 micro has advanced hardware design, so it has a strong vibration resistance, can meet the requirements of construction machinery and equipment in the field of harsh environment.

(2) When construction machinery and equipment are generally in the field, there are often a lot of dust and oil, which requires all parts to have a strong dust, water and oil resistance, KTP-178 micro front panel adopts a seamless design, can be very good dust, water and oil resistance.

(3) Engineering machinery equipment in the field operation, under the strong light during the day, the ordinary touch screen will not be clear, KTP-178 micro uses a high brightness liquid crystal display screen, even under the strong light, it can easily see the screen, accurate operation.

(4) Some equipment in the construction machinery industry needs to have high reliability, such as cranes, etc., which requires a high reliability of the control system, and Siemens products are known for reliable performance, whether it is S7-200PLC or KTP-178 micro touch screen has unparalleled reliability. It can solve users’ worries about security performance.

(5) At the same time, KTP-178 micro also has a high-performance 32-bit ARM7CPU processing chip, 8M large memory, so that construction machinery equipment has a fast operation response time.