The development of industrial touch screen.

The development of industrial touch screen:

The development of industrial touch screen has shown a trend of specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional and large screen. With the development of society, people need to get all kinds of public information.
Public information transmission system with touch screen technology as interactive window, through better computer technology and text, images, music, interpretation, animation, video and other forms, intuitive and vivid to introduce a variety of information to people, to bring people convenience. With the rapid development of touch screen technology, the application field of touch screen will be more and more extensive, and the performance will be better and better.

1. Touch pen:
The touch screen operated by the stylus resembles a whiteboard. In addition to displaying interfaces, Windows and ICONS, the stylus also has signature and marking functions.
Compared with the early light pens, which only provided a selection menu, the functionality of this stylus is greatly enhanced.

2. Touch screen:
The touch screen adopts voltage sensing capacitive touch technology and has a large screen area. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is a central sensor that monitors whether the touchpad is touched, and then processes the information. The middle layer provides interactive graphics and text, and the outer layer is a touch surface layer composed of a high-strength plastic material. When a finger touches an outer surface, this information can be sent to a sensor and logged in within a thousandth of a second. In addition to PC compatibility, it also features high brightness, clear images, and easy interaction. Therefore, it has been applied to the fixed point information query system (such as electronic bulletin board), and has received good results.

3. Capacitive touch screen:
Because the capacitance changes with the change of temperature, humidity or grounding conditions, its stability is poor and often drifts. Fear of electromagnetic interference and drift, not suitable for use in industrial control sites and interference environments. It can be used to query public information with low precision. It requires constant calibration and positioning.

4. Four-wire resistive touch screen:
This touch screen is not afraid of dust, oil and photoelectric interference, mainly scratches. It is suitable for public places of fixed users, such as industrial control places, offices, families, etc.

5. Five-wire resistive touch screen:
It has good sensitivity and transmittance, long service life, and is not afraid of dust, oil and photoelectric interference. It is suitable for all kinds of public places, especially industrial control places with high precision requirements.


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