What are the common faults and solutions of Siemens screen maintenance.

What are the common faults and solutions of Siemens screen maintenance.

Siemens touch screens are powerful and comprehensive, with superior overload capability to meet a wide range of applications. Siemens touch screen has the function of self-protection, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, overheating, short circuit protection, etc. Even this will be because of the use of irreparable failure, this failure must be a professional engineer will be efficient and flexible response, of course, some common failures are also the need for equipment supply personnel must master. The following is a list of some common Siemens touch screen maintenance problems for your reference!

1. Circuit board failure

This kind of problem is more difficult, the need for touch screen maintenance personnel to master a certain circuit principle, have a certain hands-on ability, but also have a certain amount of experience, touch screen is a highly integrated chip such as DSP to do the control core, maintenance needs to check the circuit diagram provided by the chip manufacturer, generally crystal vibration, peripheral IC and other failures.

Two, Siemens touch screen crash

There are two reasons why Siemens touch screens freeze: software or hardware. First of all, we should use the software to restore the factory Settings, eliminate the software problem, if you can not restore the factory Settings or restore the factory Settings after the same phenomenon, then we have to take into account the hardware problem, choose a professional Siemens touch screen maintenance manufacturer for maintenance.

Third, the display of the LCD is not displayed or the display is abnormal

This has the damage caused by external factors similar to the touch glass, but not too much, mostly caused by the aging of the liquid crystal, but also by replacement, there are also different manufacturers of different specifications of the liquid crystal is not the same problem, another reason is caused by the liquid crystal drive damage, such problems need to deal with the circuit board.

Four, touch glass failure

This is a place with more contact with human hands, but also prone to problems on the surface layer, generally this type of failure is caused by the user’s more rude actions, but also due to transportation and other careless, the result is generally broken, occasionally may also occur inside the resistance and other devices fracture, this failure only change the touch glass, because various manufacturers when the production standard is different, So there is often a process of “mold opening” when replacing, once the mold is opened, then the touch screen maintenance is a very simple thing, that is, the replacement.

5. Communication failure

The communication program of the lower computer is not set, the human-machine interface system address is not correct, the communication port is burned, the communication line is short or there is no connection to the line, and the contact is poor.

Six, touch failure

Generally, the liquid crystal display and the glass corresponding to the button and other positions caused by aging of the touch glass, the former can be re-calibrated according to the human-machine interface manufacturers to provide the “correction center point” function, the latter needs to replace the touch glass, there are also some poor contact caused by cleaning can solve the problem.

The maintenance experience of Siemens touch screen described above is not only suitable for Siemens Industrial control, but also applies to other brand touch screen… You can understand by analogy…


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